SAHAKAR SETU 2018 – Organized by Gujrat urban co operative Banks federation.

The Conference has highlighted the following aspects:
1. The issues and challenges that confront the sector in the face of growing competition in the changing banking landscape.
2. The importance of having professionals in the board and trained manpower.
3. The critical role that technology will play enhancing efficiency and sustainability.
3. The need for unviable small banks to voluntarily merge into stronger entities.
4. An umbrella organisation run on professional lines can be instrumental in boosting efficiency, providing liquidity, treasury management services , IT services , HR and consultancy services, etc besides helping banks to raise their capital. The sector should support the umbrella organisation wholeheartedly.
5. The technology backbone for UCBs is CBS which should be seamlessly integrated with all other functional applications. For this it is necessary for all banks to ensure that their CBS platforms are robust, secure and sufficiently protect data security and integrity. Any slip in this sphere can prove costly and invite adverse regulatory action. All banks should carefully review their system and consider the need for change.